Tania Harding


I am an FEI Event rider and NCAS Coach based near Albury Wodonga. This is also the base of JIRRIMA PERFORMANCE HORSES, breeding horses for the Olympic disciplines for over 30 years. Also, TANIA HARDING EQUESTRIAN PARK (THE Park) a relatively new venture offering coaching and training of competition horses.

My competition horses are divided in two teams. FEI eventers who compete at major FEI events such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide 3DE’s, Albury International HT, NSW and Vic State Eventing Championships.

Then there is the Junior team which consists of young home-bred horses who are learning their skills at HRCAV events, dressage and SJ days before conducting FEI careers. The stud has had numerous FEI horses competing from Qld through to Victoria and even WA. 2/3*** horses include Jirrima Royal Command, Jirrima Variety Show, Jet Set Diva, Jirrima Anchorman, Jirrima Cricket, Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo.


Song in spring/autumn and for dressage, Camille in winter, Luxury Susan on XC and Bridget in summer






My age is a long way way from my 20s
I live near Albury, NSW
I would describe my occupation as Rider/Trainer/Coach and Learner
My favourite breeches are 'Song' in spring, autumn & dressage riding, 'Camille' in winter, 'Luxury Susan' on XC and 'Bridget' in summer
I started riding when I was when I was very young - I can't remember a time I wasn't riding
My first pony was called Banshee.  A 13.1hh homebred pony gelding -  Arabian x Station Mare.  He and I were both 4 year olds when we got together.  he was a special horse and taught many juniors the ropes of riding.
The highlight of my career so far is is competing at Adelaide 3DE in the 4* but really highlights come each time a horse/student makes a new milestone.
My secret crush is no secret... it's Yorkshire!
My biggest riding influence is Jefferies, Warwick Schiller, Guy McLean, the Japanese Eventing Team at WEG 2018.
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is is "Enjoy it or don't do it" and "Never stop learning"
When I'm not riding I'm coaching, catching up on paperwork, doing ground work, trimming feet, travelling to a competition, farm work.
The word that best sums me up is Capricorn
My pre-comp secret weapon is finding a quiet corner to settle my thoughts and focus on the phase coming up
The greatest challenge I've faced is when problems I have seem like they can't be overcome.  There have been many but in the end you come out the other side.
My least favourite task is anything when it is over 38 degrees!!
If I won lotto I would get the wish list completed ASAP!  Routine stuff. Pasture improvement, update fencing, update vehicles.  Most of it would go on interest and the interest would be used to help others.
I would tell my 13 year old self there is life after school.  It's going to get better!  I think I did tell my 13 year old self this :)
You probably didn't know this but  when I was a kid I had most of my thigh mutilated after a horse bit me while riding another leaving basically the bone.  It took many months of rehab but it healed amazingly well.
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

They are a pretty vocal group as it is and communicate their thoughts really well :)

Yorshire:  "Don't leave me by myself" and "I have a headache"

EasyJet:  "Did you see me do that, I just nailed it!" and "I need FOOOOD!" and "God I am beautiful"

Scooby:  "I don't think we need to work THAT hard!"

Appro:  "Is it cuddles time yet?"

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