Shannan Connell


'Aristede'                                                     'Somerset Flemington'

I have just sold my Grand Prix horse 'Aristede' a 13 yo and am now focussing on  'Somerset Flemington' a 4 yo both Australian Bred Warmblood.

I bought 'Aristede' as a breaker and we came through the levels to Grand Prix. He won numerous championships including national and CDI Grand Prix championships and has been awarded QLD FEI Horse of the Year in 2016, 2017 & 2018. 

'Somerset Flemington' is just at the start of his journey but we work each day to be a future Grand Prix horse.

During the day I work as a child psychologist, specialising in supporting families with Autism.



Song Breeches




My age is 33
I live Mullumbimby
I would describe my occupation as Child Psychologist
My favourite breeches are 'Song' breeches
I started riding when I was 11 years old 
My first pony was Dennie and Arabian gelding.  He was six months broken and gelded when I got him and it was a steep learning curve for a beginner.
The highlight of my career so far is with riding the masterclasses I have been involved in - Charlotte, Carl, Lilo Fore, Debbie MacDonald, Gareth Hughes.  And the WEG campaign.
My secret crush is - and always has been  Astroboy
My biggest riding influence is Andreas Helgstrand
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is take your time, try a wide variety of coaches, believe in yourself.
When I'm not riding I'm working or swimming in the river and just enjoying life on our property.
My dirty little secret is I'm a workaholic
The word that best sums me up is determined
My pre-comp secret weapon is a banana and a nap
My least favourite task is sleep or writing reports
If I won lotto I would create a school to support children on the autism spectrum with an alternative education
I would tell my 13 year old self it's ok to not get 100% at everything - choose the things that you love and give it everything
You probably didn't know this but I have five siblings
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say I love you and give me more treats!

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