Molly Barry


Horses have always been a part of my family. Mum rode up until six weeks before I was born and I began riding when I was two years old on a cute buckskin Shetland called Ruby.

Presently, I am 21 years old and the highlights of my riding career have been winning the Melbourne International Three Day Event CCIJ* and Best Performed Off the Track Thoroughbred with La Muso, as well as successfully completing the Australian International 3DE CCI2* and more recently, winning the Lakes and Craters CCI***.

Recently I was also awarded Equestrian Victoria Young Eventing Rider of the Year.

Based in South Gippsland, Victoria, I am a registered NCAS Level One coach and Racing Victoria recognised Racehorse Re-trainer. Around my Unversity studies (Biomedical science at Federation Gippsland) I also own and run my own business: Off The Track Eventing.

I have ridden in Black Horse Clothing for many years now, both in competition and when working at home. I love the new and up to date styles and colours am proud to be an ambassador for the brand! 


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My age is 21
I live Near Leongatha
I would describe my occupation as Biomed Student & Rider/Coach
I started riding when I was less than 18 months old - if it counts when you're on a lead rein!
My first pony was a buckskin Shetland called Ruby
The highlight of my career so far is winning the Caitlyn Fischer memorial Award at the 2016 Melbourne International 3DE CCI** - tied with my MER at Lakes & Craters 3DE CCI*** win earlier this year.
My secret crush is on my young horse 'The Geologist'
My idol is ...There are many, but the main ones are Sam Griffiths and a local doctor - Dr Bensley!
My biggest riding influence is La Muso himself
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is that progressing in riding is encountering a series of problems to which you have to find the solution.  Don't be disheartened to find that you have another problem lined up right after you just fixed the last one.  Break it into chunks and focus on the positives!
When I'm not riding I'm studying (almost always!), driving somewhere, coaching or reading 'Outlander'.
The word that best sums me up is Industrious
My dirty little secret is ...It wouldn't be a secret if I told you! (*cough* chocolate - SO much chocolate)
My pre-comp secret weapon is a good sing along sesh in the truck on the way.  Hit up some Macklemore, Imagine Dragons, Avicci, a smidge of Ed Sheeran, and of course a few oldies - Teenage Dirtbag, Kids in America, or gold old ultraviolet reboot of Vienna!
The greatest challenge I've faced is ...There are too many to choose from.  I've had endless challenges in every imaginable aspect of life.
My least favourite task is ...It's a tie between getting out of bed when it's raining and carting hay!
If I won lotto I would buy myself a little place and would share the rest with some close friends and family and a charity that I knew would use it well.
I would tell my 13 year old self to believe in yourself.  Other people aren't always right and some will definitely try to make you feel wrong and inferior.  Listen to constructive advice but trust your judgement and do your best to block out negative or hateful remarks!
You probably don't know this but I am a very good horse-show chef... When I remember to bring saucepan/frypan/bowls/utensils.  On a separate matter, I am very good at eating gnocchi with a toothpick!
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

...They communicate pretty effectively without speaking!

Muso would audibly beg for attention instead of just doing it by making faces at you.  He would probably be very annoying...

Kiwi (Shinakuma) already yells at you for food all the time.  Words really aren't necessary!

Freddie (Mr Fahrenheit) would probably have a lot of incoherent things to say about 'how fun' jumping is.

And Murray (The Geologist) is quite the character and would have some 'interesting' abstract thoughts on life I believe!!

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