Molly Barry

Molly Barry - Canberra, ACT/ Kardella, VIC

Presently, I am 23 years old and the highlights of my riding career have been winning the Melbourne International Three Day Event CCIJ* and Best Performed Off the Track Thoroughbred with La Muso, as well as successfully completing the Australian International 3DE CCI2* and more recently, winning the Lakes and Craters CCI***.

I am a registered NCAS Level One coach and Racing Victoria recognised Racehorse Re-trainer. I also own and run my own business: Off The Track Eventing.

My Favourite Black Horse Clothing Item... Would be the Everyday Training Tights, Tania Soft Padded Jacket, Molly Cooling Top (its an older style but I'm not over it)
For Competition: Sam Pro Coolmax Breeches & the Shannan Cooling Top.


  • The first time I ever rode a horse was when…
    I was lucky enough to be born into a horsey life, I rode for the first time when I was 18 months old. I had a little buckskin Shetland pony called Ruby, and did my first ODE when I was 3 or 4, mostly on the lead rein I am told!
  • Other occupation or study outside of riding?
    Yes, sadly at this point in time, study is taking up more time in my life than I wish it would. I am studying a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in Canberra, and hope to be able to have an enjoyable career as a Doctor that funds my very public addiction to horses! I am unsure of my specialty interests at this point, but am considering Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Psychiatry or even Paediatrics. I get bored easily so I think I will enjoy a field with different patients and presenting complains.
  • If I never became a horse rider, I would probably…
    Be very bored, or another kind of athlete! Animals keep life fulfilling.
  • The biggest achievement of my career so far is…
    Winning the Caitlyn Fischer Memorial award for the highest placed Young Rider at Melbourne International 3DE in the 3*L class ties with my MER at Lakes & Craters 3DE CCI*** in 2019.
  • A fun fact about me is that… 
    I love thoroughbred's so much that I adopted the thoroughbred equivalent of a dog - a 2 year old greyhound called Betty.

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