Jayde Kirkham

Jayde Kirkham - Macedon Ranges, VIC

A very familiar face... Jayde has been our main in-house model for years and years! You would have seen her modeling our breeches and tops all over website and on our social platforms!

My riding career began when I was just 3 years old and joined Macedon Pony Club as the youngest member. Since then I have competed in a number of disciplines including Eventing, Showjumping and Mounted Games before discovering Dressage which is my main focus these days although I still compete in Eventing now and again!

I have had my Dressage horse Thamesbourne Sunsprite (Skittles) for 7 years now and have achieved so much in this time! I have some challenging goals to move him through the grades.
One of my other horses, Beauvelai (Bobo) is also coming along nicely and after lots of hard work I’m excited to get him out and about at some dressage comps.

I am very excited for the upcoming years and proud to be a Black Horse Brand Ambassador. I live in Black Horse Clothing 24/7 quite literally, so obviously recommend it to everyone!
My Favourite Black Horse Clothing Item.. The Cara Fleece Lined Breeches with the silver pocket piping!!! The best!


  • The first time I ever rode a horse was when…
    Before I was born! Mum use to ride whilst she was pregnant with me, and I'm pretty sure I was put on a horse shortly after birth!
  • Other occupation or study outside of riding?
    I have competed my Bachelor of Science and Masters of Agricultural Science both at the University of Melbourne. I’m wanting to keep studying next year if possible!
  • If I never became a horse rider, I would probably…
    I would probably be very bored and have a lot more time and money… but who would want that?
  • The biggest achievement of my career so far is…
    Competing at Nationals 4 times!
  • A fun fact about me is that… 
    I'm always late….

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