Diane Humm


I have been riding all my life, and spent most of my childhood chasing sheep and cows, mostly bareback, on my pony in rural New Zealand. Opening gates was for the faint hearted, and my sister and I would jump gates and fences without a second thought.

My competition career started in eventing and showjumping, however I soon realised I was good at the dressage and cross country phases but was so busy getting the perfect stride in the showjumping that I interfered too much. Turning to straight dressage was a natural progression, however I have also competed in western events and at one time held a trainer’s licence and trained a city winning galloper.

I bred my warmblood mare, Rosabaya DDS and I’m so proud of how she has turned out. She had a successful 2018 with wins in elementary dressage, and competed at her first Nationals. The competition team for 2019 also welcomes super cute Welsh D gelding Haluma Maldwyn who is being prepared for the Young Pony classes.

I’m so lucky and proud to be a Black Horse Clothing ambassador, I love colour coordinating and the clothes are so comfortable and functional.


Comfort Denim, Aimee, Coolmax






My age is ancient, decrepit, fossilised .... over 50!
I live in a small farm near Kilmore
I would describe my occupation as Compliance Manager
My favourite breeches are Comfort DenimAimeeCoolmax... where do I stop, I think I have one of everything and love them all!
I started riding when I was 4
My first pony was a Shetland pony mare called Jean who I shared with my sister
The highlight of my career so far is taking boyt myt horses to nationals in 2018 and competing in the Dressage World Challenge on Tiff
My secret crush is George Clooney but then I realised he is short so Mark Todd is a close second
My biggest riding influence is my horses, they tellme when I get it wrong.  I have been lucky to work with some super coaches over the years and they have all played their part in my journey
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is never give up - it gets better
When I'm not riding I'm playing at being a cow farmer or working
The word that best sums me up is resilient
My dirty little secret is that I'm completely innocent (flutters eyelashes)
My pre-comp secret weapon is focus, remove all the distractions
The greatest challenge I've faced is keeping my eye on the goals in 2018 after making plans for the year then promptly following it up with a major fall and minor back fracture
My least favourite task is meetings
If I won lotto I would start a scholarship program for deserving, talented young riders who don't have the funds needed to obtain a deserving, talented horse
I would tell my 13 year old self go straight to dressage, forget about the jumping
You probably don't know this but  I'm completely terrified of mice
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

Tiff, PomPom and Anka would all be arguing over who was the most beautiful princess on the farm

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