Tip #4 - Coefficient Power

Tip 4 - Coefficient Power

Coefficients are your super-powered point accumulators!

Let's begin with a scientific break down on how the coefficients can effect your test score. I've included some mock tests so you can see how focusing your training on the coefficients can increase your overall percentage. My darling husband helped make up these mock test complete with judges names! He thought he was pretty clever lol !

If we presume we are proficient across the board and 'Hector the Superstar' scores all 7's. We get a very tidy score of 70% - see test here.

In this scenario our walk isn't our best pace and we score 6's for our walk movements. That gives us a score of 68.8% - see test here.

Alternatively we score an 8 for our walk movements which gives us a final score of 71.2% - see test here.

In our second test analysis we will look at the effect of increasing all the coefficients to an 8, and all the coefficients to a 6. These coefficients include the walk movements, Rider position and Submission.

In our first test we are channeling our inner Isabelle Werth and smash out 8's for our coefficients, and 7's for all other movements.  We finish on a whopping great score of 75.3% - see test here. Our second test however is a little flat and we score 6's for all our coefficients and 7's for all other movements. We finish on a score of 64.7% - see test here.  That's over a 10% difference!

The wonderful thing about this break down is that the walk, rider position and submission carry coefficients throughout all the tests up to FEI.  Therefore it makes sense to invest time into a dedicated training regime that targets these three areas.

Next tip: First Impressions!  Coming next week.

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