Tip #1 Let's Talk Numbers

Let's begin with a break down on how the coefficients can affect your test score.  I've included some mock tests so you can see how focusing your training on the coefficients can increase your overall percentage,

Lets take the Novice 2B test and play with some numbers.  If we presume we are proficient and have a super consistent horse, and 'Hector the Superstar' scores all 7's then we get a very reasonable score of 70%. 

Lets say our walk isn't our best gait and we get 6's for our walk. That drops the score down of 68.8%.  Lift the walk score to 8’s though and we get a score of 71.2%. 

Now let's look at the effect of increasing ALL our coefficients to an 8.  The coefficient movements include the walk, submission and rider position.   In this test we are rocking all our walk movements, our position is good, and Hector is super submissive.  The judge awards us a mark of 8 for all our coefficients and a we get a whopping score of 75.3%. 

In our second test we were feeling a little off in our walk work, our position was off and 'Hector the superstar' was feeling a little stiff and tired and lacked submission.  We only get a mark of 6 for all our coeffecients and the finals score is a lowly 64.7% 

That's over a 10% difference!  The wonderful thing about this break down is that the walk, submission, and rider position carry coefficients throughout all the testd up to FEI.  Therefore it makes sense to invest time into a dedicated and targeted training regime that specifically works towards improving the walk, the riders position, and the horses submission.

Working on the quality, accuracy and rideability of your walk will ALWAYS pay off when it comes to competition.  Working on your position and the elements of submission (attention and confidence, harmony, lightness and ease of the movements, acceptance of the bridle, lightness of the forehand) will go a long way towards getting those extra marks.

All this work needs to be done at home in your day to day training. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes when it comes to developing your position and the horses submission.  Hiring a coach to help you improve these areas would be a great place to start.

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