Stacey Schooth

Stacey Schooth

This is my shining star 'Ritz' aka "Remi Five Star' who is an 8 year old gelding by Fisherman's Friend.

2016 was our debut year as a team together after I purchased him in 2015.

He did me proud, gaining a place on the 2017 QLD Talent Recognition Squad, winning 2016 Great South Eastern Preliminary Championship, the QLD State AAOR Preliminary Champion, and Reserve Champion on the QLD AAOR Preliminary Leaderboard.

Early in 2017 I fell pregnant and decided after our son was born to take a hiatus from competitive riding.

Two years on I'm now back in the saddle and Ritz and I have our sights set on the 2021 competition season working with our new coach, Nicole Magoffin.

I'm excited for the future and to be continuing my partnership with Black Horse Clothing.



Song Bamboo Breeches




My age is 35
I live Mudgeeraba, Queensland
I would describe my occupation as ... I'm currently a Swim Teacher but hoping to be studying Vet Nursing in the coming months
My favourite breeches are 'Song' bamboo breeches in navy blue - everything must be navy!
I started riding when I was in my early teens and then started riding again about 8 years ago.  I had my first dressage lesson at 28 years of age! I was a late bloomer!
My first pony was George, an OTTB
The highlight of my career so far is winning a State Championship in 2016 and making the 2017 Queensland Talent Squad
My secret crush is no secret - it's Ryan Gosling
My biggest riding influence is my first dressage coach, Nicole Tough.  She has played a huge part in the rider I am today.  My husband Marcus also for supporting me in all my decisions when it comes to horses.  If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be back in the saddle today.
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is keep sight of the end goal.  It's going to feel like '1 step forward, 2 steps back'.  Always try to be 1% better than the day before.
When I'm not riding I'm hanging out with my little family
The word that best sums me up is assertive
My dirty little secret is I'm a junk food junkie
My pre-comp secret weapon is wearing the same pair of socks.  I also do everything in the exact same order before every ride.
The greatest challenge I've faced is becoming a mum and having my whole world turned upside down but it is also my greatest achievement.  Also trying to teach my husband to stack the dishwasher correctly!
My least favourite task is putting  washing away!
If I won lotto I would buy my favourite property I drive past every day
I would tell my 13 year old self this horse crazy faze isn't going away hahaha!
You probably don't know this but  I'm really lazy! I love laying on the couch watching Netflix
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

"Where are the snacks?"  He is always searching me for snacks!

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