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Mary Warren Grand Prix Willinga Park



Hello, my name is Mary Warren and I am a professional Dressage rider and coach based in the Hunter Valley, NSW.  I run my business out of the family property where we run a combination of training, coaching and agistment services. 

I am lucky enough to have a range of good quality horses, including 3 competitive FEI horses, with some young horses being brought up behind them. I also enjoy coaching riders and being a part of their journey - I find it extremely rewarding when I can help other riders achieve their goals. 

For me the ultimate goal is to of course represent Australia at the Olympics and World Equestrian Games but for now I am concentrating on building my business in Australia and bringing together a strong team of performance horses. 

Being a rider full time I needed to find a brand of clothing that was comfortable to wear all day but also durable.  I came across the Black Horse trade stand at the 2019 Boneo Spring CDI and haven't looked back since. I choose Black Horse Clothing for their comfort, style, durability and affordability. Couldn't recommend them more highly. 


Anna Bamboo Breeches




My age is 22
I live in Bolwarra Heights, NSW
I would describe my occupation as a professional dressage rider and coach
My favourite breeches are 'Anna' bamboo breeches for everyday riding and the 'Elegance' breeches for competition
I started riding when I was a small child
My first pony was named Taffy.   She was a present for my 1st birthday
The highlight of my career so far is winning the 2019 Willinga Park CDI4* Grand Prix Special and Freestyle
My secret crush is my ponies will always be my number one!
My biggest riding influence is I have looked up to a lot of riders over the years, particularly Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester, Isabel Werth and Cathrine Dufour
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is to pursue your dreams and take opportunities.  You never stop learning so always be open to it.
When I'm not riding I'm teaching, eating or sleeping
The word that best sums me up is dedicated
My dirty little secret is I have an unhealthy obsession with Lindt chocolate
My pre-comp secret weapon is coffee
The greatest challenge I've faced is doing by HSC via distance education
My least favourite task is mucking stables and the after-competition pack up
If I won lotto I would build an indoor arena!
I would tell my 13 year old self continually challenge yourself in all aspects of life - push yourself out of your comfort zone
You probably don't know this but  I have a Heavy Combination truck license
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

"not a fan of always being on a diet!"

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