Lucy Thorman


I am 32 years old and based in the Macedon ranges area in Victoria. 

I have been riding horse since I was 6 years old but only in the last 9 years have I been seriously competitive in both eventing and dressage. 

I moved out from England 12 years ago and in that time I have built a super client base with students and training horses. 

Eventing is what I love - I have competed up to 3* level and am hoping to progress through the levels. 

I also love seeing my students progress and helping them along the competitive journey we are all on. 

Black Horse Clothing has always been a favourite clothing of mine and I'm now lucky enough to be also working 2 days a week for them!


Elegance are stylish and soooo comfy and the new meryl fabric in the Bianca and Bridget






My age is 32
I live in Romsey, Victoria
I would describe my occupation as Rider/Trainer, doughnut maker and Admin/Lackey at Black Horse Clothing
I started riding when I was I think I whinged for about a year when I turned 6 years old, before my poor mother finally gave in a year later
My first pony The first horse I actually owned was Acrobat.  She was a 16.1hh WB x who taught me a hell of a lot.  What to like and what not to like.
The highlight of my career so far I've had a few highlights whilst out competing...Melbourne 3DE and also winning  the Wandin Young Horse in 2016.  the general day to day training of the different horses is very challenging and rewarding.
My secret crush is hmmm Channing Tatum but I don't think that is a secret.
My biggest riding influence is I've had a few but Michael Jung.  Amazing... Amazing... Amazing.
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is There are highs and lows.  Work hard, but play hard. Listen and learn and never give up.  There is always another way.
When I'm not riding I'm at the gym lifting heavy things, playing netball or taking part in Spartan courses or mud runs.
The word that best sums me up is So I've been told by a few people... "fearless", also known as crazy.
My dirty little secret is I can "belly roll"
My pre-comp secret weapon is

Preparation and organisation is the key.  Always know your test.  Give your yourself extra time if possible.  And of course... LUCKY UNDIES!!!

The greatest challenge I've faced is The greatest challenge so far would be balancing my career and social life.  Realising I'm allowed to say 'no'.  I've really enjoyed having other hobbies and interests, which has made me more proactive with my job and the horses.
My least favourite task is filling up the car with fuel.
If I won lotto I would travel the world whilst shopping for horses and have someone design and build me a magnificent property with equestrian facilities.  I would donate to cancer research and give some to my family.  Oh and buy a few nice cars suited to different things.
I would tell my 13 year old self don't sweat the small stuff.  And live life to the fullest.
You probably don't know this but  my wardrobe is colour coordinated and I have A LOT of clothes.  I have a small amount of OCD, all doors have to be shut at home and things in their specific place otherwise devil lady comes out.
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

Well my only horse at the moment is a rising two chestnut colt by jazz, so I'm sure he is already thinking of ways of how to get me off, be as difficult as possible and ways to get out of jumping the big jumps.  He is paddocked next to the arena where he spends a lot of time watching.  Hopefully only learning the good things...yeah right!

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