Kiv Agnew

I am 19 years old and have been riding seriously ever since I caught the jumping bug and drifted away from the hacking world and into eventing when I was 13 on my second pony.

He took me from Pony Club Grade 5 to EvA80 and at 15 I was bought my first “big” horse.

Kokino Jax is my current horse I am competing on, and is the sort of off the track thoroughbred that was so slow he never even made it past barrier trials.  Despite owning Jax for over 4 years now, it has only been in the past year and a half that we have made progress together, due to an extremely unfortunate few years for Jax in the injury department.

We are currently competing in EvA95 over both SA and VIC and will be moving up to EvA105 in the latter part of 2018.

With Jax’s laidback nature I’m not sure if he will make it into the higher levels of eventing, however my personal goal is to make it to 1* to compete at the MI3DE, and an ultimate goal would to be compete 2* or higher at the AI3DE, on whatever horse that may be.

Aside from riding my own horse, I also ride horses for my coach in preparation to sell, which is something I find extremely rewarding and has had such a positive impact on my riding.

I also occasionally pose in front of a camera wearing Black Horse Clothing for this website, which is an excellent way to try on all the new products and decide how many more breeches and riding shirts I need to add to my collection each season....... I’m super excited to be a part of the Black Horse team, I’m extremely lucky to be able to represent a brand I love and wear!


Song Bamboo Breeches


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My age is 20
I live Adelaide, South Australia
I would describe my occupation as ...I work in a sports store, so retail
My favourite breeches are 'Song' bamboo breeches - super comfy, super flattering and a perfect amount of silicon on the seat!
I started riding when I was about 4 - I have always ridden on and off throughout my childhood but I only received my first pony and began pony club, competing, etc when I was 10
My first pony was Murraygold Debute aka Dusty, a beautiful 6yo, 12.3hh, burnt buckskin - she was a legend
The highlight of my career so far is that all my hard work and persistence with my current horse, despite countless setbacks putting us out of action for 2 years, is actually paying off!
My secret crush is ...only close friends know, but I have a big ol' crush on Shane Rose
My biggest riding influence is hmmm... I tend to take away lots of small things from lots of different people; friends, fellow competitors, riders on instagram, but I guess I could say I look up to Chris Burton, he's a gun.
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is compete against yourself and try to better your own PBs instead of worrying about beating others.
When I'm not riding I'm working, sleeping or online shopping.
The word that best sums me up is tired. I'm always tired :)
My dirty little secret is ...well it WAS that I have a crush on Shane Rose but I guess that's not a secret anymore.
My pre-comp secret weapon is organisation.  Mum will laugh at this because I'm so disorganised, but those few times I have been organised I've noticed it really helps the weekend run smoothly and less stress = better performance.
The greatest challenge I've faced is definitely the 18 months of what seeemed like issue after issue with Jax, being told 'he'll never be able to compete again' and 'get a new horse' by quite a few people whose opinions I valued in my riding, it was very disheartening.
My least favourite task is getting out of bed in the morning - I prefer to do it midday or afternoon.
If I won lotto I would buy a big property for Mum, Nan, and my partner and I to live on, with luxurious stables, indoor and outdoor arenas, and post and rail fencing... Ooo and maybe a truck too if I had enought moey left!
I would tell my 13 year old self to stop trying to buy giraffe patterned everything for your pony - it's embarrassing.
You probably don't know this but  'Kiv' is just a nickname, because I prefer it.  My actual first name is 'Caoimhe' which is pronounced 'Kee-va', it's Irish... thanks Dad.  A lot of people think I'm kidding but you can google it,  I promise it's real!
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

'What is impulsion and tell me again why I need to do it?!'

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