Kathryn Mitchell


Kathryn Mitchell - Adelaide Hills, SA

Growing up I participated in Pony Club, Vaulting and Hacking until finding my passion in Dressage as a teenager. I started as a young rider on a TB gelding before purchasing my first warmblood, Tiger, as a yearling. I currently live in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia with my family and enjoy campaigning Tiger, now as a Grand Prix horse. I also have a lovely young mare and ride the magnificent Big Tour Friesian stallion, Jurre Fan‘E Gaestdyk. In my spare time I enjoy coaching other enthusiastic and aspiring dressage riders including my two little daughters.

My favourite Black Horse Clothing item... is anything made with Meryl Fabric. I have multiple pairs of Black Horse Breeches and my favourites are the Meryl Fabric Breeches. I find them so incredibly comfortable to wear. They are not restricting in any way, but are not so thin that you can completely see through them like others on the market.


  • The first time I ever rode a horse was…
    Before I was out of nappies. Fortunately my parents were into horses so I was born into it.
  • Other occupation or study outside of riding?
    Apart from being a horse riding coach, I am also a Primary School teacher.

  • If I never became a horse rider, I would probably…
    Be playing basketball. It was something I did a little of growing up as I was such a tall kid. I would probably also go on a lot more holidays.
  • The biggest achievement of my career so far is…
    Personally, my biggest achievement will always be the special journey I have travelled with my very first warmblood foal, Tiger. Learning the sport of dressage and training him through to Grand Prix was a massive journey with so many precious memories and invaluable learning. As a young horse he was the 4yo, 5yo and 6yo SA Champion and in 2022 he competed at the Australian Dressage Championships and proudly finished 5th in the Grand Prix class. While I ride other beautiful horses that are more talented in ways than he is, Tiger is my biggest achievement and holds the greatest place in my heart.
  • A fun fact about me is that…
    I am always in trouble for having dirty boots!

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