Kate Wallis


Kate Wallis


I am based east of Melbourne and am lucky to compete a team of home bred horses including Harrold Esquire, Lord Rupert and Georges Time.  These are are brothers competing successfully from 80cm through to 2*/1.15-1.20cm showjumping.  I have a number of younger horses including Tulara bred and other relatives of Harry and Rupert to be coming through shortly.  My aim is to get each of the horses through to FEI 3* and beyond which, based on my career outside of eventing, I feel is achievable and with balance I'd like to be able to continue to afford to enjoy the sport.  I fit in my riding before work and under lights at night which means I am often pushed for time and am exceptionally grateful that I can still compete in the sport despite this (I'm very good at operating a head torch and packing a float at 11.30pm!). 

My enjoyment in the sport is also in the volunteering/support opportunities which is a great reminder of the work involved in ensuring our sport of eventing continues to grow.  For my sins I am the President for Tonimbuk Horse Trials, Treasurer for the Eventing Victoria SubCommittee, Committee/Volunteer member for Spring Horse Trials and Melbourne 3DE.  My awesome mum, Chris, has been a role model for me, with her participation and volunteering in the sport - she can be seen at just about every event in Victoria and beyond. 

Black Horse Clothing has wonderful high quality clothing which I have found is very hard wearing and comfortable.  My favourite items being the Teegan Show Shirt (I have quite a few!), long sleeve training tops and competition/training bamboo breeches.


Anna or Song bamboo or new Lily lightweight





My age is Old enough
I live Pakenham Upper, Victoria
I would describe my occupation as Finance
My favourite breeches are 'Song' or 'Anna' bamboo breeches or the new Lily lightweight style
I started riding when I was Very young to follow mum around!
My first pony was a black Shetland called Jack
The highlight of my career so far is 2nd Melbourne 3DE as a junior - went XC first on course to then drive to sit my year 12 English exam!
My secret crush is Harold Esquire (don't tell the others)
My biggest riding influence is my mum
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is It takes time, better to establish the groundwork and be explicitly clear in your communication between you and your horse before heading into the practice ring at a competition - makes both of you feel far more comfortable!
When I'm not riding I'm studying, reading or helping out someone/something
The words that best sum me up is Dedicated and happy
My dirty little secret is I'm terrible at throwing out clothes
My pre-comp secret weapon is A good nights sleep and some breakfast!
The greatest challenge I've faced is time taken from breaking in all the way through the learning journey to a confident happy eventer can considerable but worth the effort.
My idol is Michael Jung
My least favourite task is Cleaning out the stables
If I won lotto I would Enjoy a holiday
I would tell my 13 year old self Keep believing you can achieve anything
You probably don't know this but  I make a mean G&T (frozen lemon slices are key)
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

Why do we have to behave in dressage? Can we just go jumping?

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