Georgia Pearce

I am 20 years old and I’m based in on the North West coast of Tasmania. I
have been riding and competing since I was five years old. I run Oceana
Equestrian, a business which offers horse schooling, selling and coaching.

I currently have four horses on my competition team, three of them being
OTT thoroughbreds. Oceana Fine was bought as an intro eventer when I was 12
and we have both made our way up the grades together and are now currently
competing at 1* level and looking at making the move to 2* in the near
future. Together we have made the venture over to the ‘mainland’ for a few
trips including Interschool and Pony Club Nationals where we have had a
national win and placings. My other young horses are progressing up the
grades and showing some exciting talent.

I’m so excited to be a part of the Black Horse team! I absolutely love the
range of products and am looking forward to the season ahead.



Song Bamboo Breeches








My age is 20
I live in Ulverstone, on the North West Coast of little Tassie!
I would describe my occupation as I work at a butchers, but I'd have to say I enjoy giving lessons more!
My favourite breeches are 'Song' bamboo jodds - soooo comfortable, not too much stick and they look fantastic!
I started riding when I was 5.  I started off wearing Blinky Bill gumboots and a bright red shiny helmet!
My first pony ...I was lucky enough for someone to lease us a 13hh riding pony called Coke.  He wa s30 years old and the perfect pony to start on.
The highlight of my career so far is competing and placing in my first CCI 1* - it is so rewarding to have a horse you've trained yourself performing well at the level.
My secret crush is Probably my welsh cob Louis Litt - he is the cutest little brat!  But Dylan O'Brian would come in a close second ;)
My biggest riding influence is probably a combination of local riders when I was growing up.  Being a young kid in Pony Club I would always look up to Lucinda Alexander (Lambert) and mum would always take me to watch her ride XC.  I also love watching Amanda Ross ride.
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is just to enjoy yourself, focus on your own personal goals and not worry what everyone else around you is doing.
When I'm not riding I'm going to various meetings for different riding clubs, or doing something involved with Rural Youth.
My dirty little secret is that I absolutely love musical theatre - there's nothing ike driving to a horse comp belting out some Defying Gravity or Mama Mia!
My pre-comp secret weapon is my mum - she's the organised one.  She's the absolute best at tail braiding, keeping me on time and always gives me (and the horse!) a pre XC pep talk.
The greatest challenge I've faced is myself and horse injuries.  I've previously broken a bone in my neck and lately I've been dealing with injured horses.
My least favourite task is washing horses.  I always end up soaking wet and they usually manage to get their socks filthy again.
If I won lotto I would do what every horse person would do, buy a big horse property with an indoor, stables, etc and invite all my friends to live with me - it would be like a big real life Saddle Club! I'd also have to buy a big V8 Landcruiser ute.
I would tell my 13 year old self to use more leg! It's not just there for looks!
You probably didn't know this but I am a bit of a country bogun - I love going to rodeos whenever there's not a comp on and the louder the ute the better!
If my horse/s could talk 

Ocky would say something quite wise - Telfi would talk quickly and nervously - Louis would just say something arrogant then complain that he's not getting fed enough!

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