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My career in the Equestrian industry has been long standing with my position as a professional rider and coach as the Chief Instructor at my family owned business Gooromon Park Horse Riding Centre. A role I love for both the rewarding experience of coaching beginners through to coaching and mentoring the advanced riders Development Squad. Watching our riders progress to their own big wins is a great thrill. 

This has lead me to co-creating Focused Riding which launched early 2018. Focused Riding has allowed me to share my knowledge and experience with a wider audience and experience level. 

I have trained a variety of horses to FEI over the years, I am currently riding and training three competition horses, two of which are owned by my twin sister and fellow Equestrian Amanda Clark, Hollands Bend Skyfall. The second Cooramin Solegro. The third owned by myself Brierley Selby. 

I’m passionate about horses and sharing my knowledge, with the next generation of riders.

I first tried on Black Horse clothing at the 2018 Sydney CDI and I was hooked by the quality, bright colours, but more importantly the exceptional fit.


Camille for Canberra winters are a MUST! And Anna but I keep switching and I'd say Song as well - love the bamboo! 






My age is 41
I live in Canberra
I would describe my occupation as Coach & rider at Gooromon Park
I started riding when I was I think I whinged for about a year when I turned 6 years old, before my poor mother finally gave in a year later
My first pony 'Pipi' or 'Montrose Debut'.  After teaching my sister and I we sold her, we later purchased her back when she was about 14 and she stayed with us til she was 34.
The highlight of my career so far My students' achievements give me a much bigger buzz than my own.  My goals on different horses when they are achieved are always a highlight.  
My secret crush is hmm I don't really have one?  I do love our new puppy dog Harley!  His enthusiasm and zest for life is very contagious.
My biggest riding influence is I've had so many amazing coaches, I love that I still go to competitions and am supported by my first real dressage coach Kaye Spence.  Some that have been very influential include Dianne Jenkyn, and my current coach Matthew Dowsley.
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is Develop resiliance don't ever despair or get down about where you are - it's a journey.  Love the moments and be mindful to llive in the present when you are riding.  Never give up - learn as much as you can.  Love the journey!
When I'm not riding I'm looking after my kids, and coaching
The word that best sums me up is tenacious
My dirty little secret is Okay, it's a bit weird but I love Turkish dramas - yes, subtitles and all.  At the moment I am watching Vatanim Sensin, a period drama about the last years of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish War of Independence.
My pre-comp secret weapon is

1.  Have all the variables you can control under control - be prepared!

2. Know your test!  Never rely on a caller, you should know your test.  When you hear a caller, your focus is shifting and you can't prepare for the movement or figure with 100% attention to detail.

3. Put yourself and your horse in a bubble - Enter at A - bang - deliver on point

4. Ride it like you stole it - I mean don't race around like you're being chased, but it's a show of you and your horse's abilities so show them off. Put your best hoof forward.

5.  Leave the test in the arena - be proud no matter what!  Be prepared to let even your defeats teach you.

The greatest challenge I've faced is ...I constantly face the challenge of balancing time and mounting costs - the ability to afford this sport is a real challenge I think many face.  We need to be careful we don't price talented riders out of the industry.
My least favourite task is nothing to do with my horses - cleaning and cooking (my husband will tell you he hasn't actually even seen me cook - this is a lie!)
If I won lotto I would selfishly pay the kids' school fees, pay the mortgage off, buy an amazing horse truck.  Have a month off.  Then return refreshed to a clean house and landscaped garden.  Start a program to help support children who have a passion to ride but their parents can't afford it.  I think I've thought about it way too much and honestly it's probably not a reality. 
I would tell my 13 year old self to go to Europe and ride, love every horse you own but listen to them - not every horse you own is destined for the dressage arena.
You probably don't know this but  I own more pairs of horse socks than any other item and i still wear my husband's work socks which he hates as I stretch them - but it's a bit of a running joke we have now.
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

Mum, more sugar cubes NOW!

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